I am happy to do petrol-paid photo-shoots for you or your pets to get my experience up. If you would like to buy certain prints you can or if you would like me to put your photos on a memory stick you can buy the entire shoot.

Feel free to contact me at p.j_photography@hotmail.com for any further information, to hire me for an event, or to book a shoot

About Me 

I started photography when I was about 10, which all began when I asked for a camera on my birthday. The main reason I got into photography is because my Uncle (Terry) does a lot of it himself and he would always take me out with him, whether it be to teach me the basics, to photograph the Ipswich Cardinals home games or be the second photographer at a wedding. My uncle gave me the foundations for everything I know today, and I am so thankful that he did.

At the age of 14, I ventured out and begun to take photos of Football games, Netball games and Horse riding events by myself with no guidance from Terry (But I would always message him before to see if he had any tips!) From this I developed my own personal skills with many opportunities tying into my own interests such as Horse Riding.

Nowadays I take my camera everywhere with me, so I never miss an opportunity to take a good shot. What started out as just taking photos as a hobby turned in to a real passion and I desired to take it further. Currently my age is a restraint, therefore I now take photography as an A-Level hoping it will get me out there a bit more while still pursuing it as the passion I love.


Feel free to contact me at p.j_photography@hotmail.com for any further information.

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